TIMPA Open all Days with Restrictions 8/23/2020

After discussions with the City of Tucson Water and Real Estate departments and with the approval of the City Attorney, we have reopened the field for flying . Below are the conditions we agreed to abide by:

Timpa will be open all week starting 8/23/20

Mandatory requirements for flying any day at TIMPA:

1) All persons entering the TIMPA field must bring a face mask with them when they enter the front gate. Face masks must be worn at all times and must cover both the nose and mouth.

 2) You may remove your mask when you are in a cage and flying. If you have a spotter or helper, they should wear a mask and stand at the opposite side of the cage from the pilot.

3) Maintain a safe 6 foot distance from other people.

4) Only 1 pilot per table under the Ramada (we have increased the number of tables). If all tables are in use, you will be unable to set up under the Ramada unless someone leaves. Check with the safety officer for possible options.

5) No guests. Immediate family members or other AMA members who are needed to assist you in flying are allowed. They must have a face mask and comply with all the conditions.

6) Before you leave, please use a TIMPA disinfectant spray bottle to sanitize your table

We also have additional TIMPA information:

1) The field is open 7am each day.

2) You will need your gate card to open the gate when you arrive. The gate must then be closed after you pass through.

3) The refrigerator in the Ramada has been emptied. Please bring your own water, sodas and food items if desired.

4) Only 1 restroom will be open.

5) All chairs have been removed. Please bring your own chair. Do not leave any chairs in the ramada when you leave.

6) We will not be using the frequency board until further notice. It would be difficult to safely sanitize. Have your card available at your table.

The web page will be updated on a regular basis as conditions change so please check before you come to the field. We been able to increase to 7 days a week Hopefully, if cases in Pima County do not spike in the future and we have 100% compliance with these requirements, we can consider opening the field on a daily basis later. Enjoy flying and stay safe.