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U of A EVENT 5/14-16/2019

Field will be closed to general flying these three days


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20 yearsBack in July of 1995, the efforts of Mike Osier, John Clarke, Jerry Beals, Bruce Dusenberry, and architects Bob Cousins and Kip Merker paid off when the City of Tucson awarded TIMPA the lease to the land we currently occupy. Through the tireless work of these gentlemen and the generosity of Sundt Construction, Calmat Asphalt, and a flying site improvement grant from the Academy of Model Aeronautics, TIMPA was able to create a world class R/C flying site out of a scrubby, old cotton farm. Twenty years later, TIMPA is still considered one of this country’s premier flying sites. Here’s to another 20 years!


Lithium Battery Safety

Lipo Fire 2Lithium battery safety is a subject that can never be stressed enough, even after all these years of battery progress and an impressive safety record within our hobby. Because you cannot see inside a LiPo there is no way to inspect for internal damage or defects that could eventually ruin your day. Always remember, unlike NiCad and NiMh batteries, LiPo batteries are more sensitive to overcharging. Also, overcharging one or more of the cells during the charging process is possible if you do not properly balance LiPo battery packs. Thankfully, all of today’s quality LiPo chargers are capable of balance charging.

The following are the AMA’s suggestions for safe LiPo battery practices:

  • Store and charge in a fireproof container; never in your model.
  • Charge in a protected area devoid of combustibles. Always stand watch over the charging process. Never leave the charging process unattended.
  • In the event of damage from crashes, etc, carefully remove battery to a safe place for at least a half hour to observe. Physically damaged cells could erupt into flame and after sufficient time, to ensure safety, should be discarded in accordance with the instructions which came with the batteries. Never attempt to charge a cell with physical damage, regardless of how slight.
  • Always use chargers designed for the specific purpose, preferably having a fixed setting for your particular pack. Many fires occur in using selectable/adjustable chargers improperly set. Never attempt to charge Lithium cells with a charger which is not specifically designed for charging Lithium cells. Never use chargers designed for only NiCad/NiMh batteries.
  • Use charging systems that monitor and control the charge state of each cell in the pack. Unbalanced cells can lead to disaster if it permits overcharge of a single cell in the pack. If the batteries show any sign of swelling, discontinue charging and remove them to a safe place outside as they could erupt into flames.
  • Most important: NEVER PLUG IN A BATTERY AND LEAVE IT TO CHARGE UNATTENDED OVERNIGHT. Serious fires have resulted from this practice.
  • Do not attempt to make your own battery packs from individual cells.

Cub Scout Aviation Day Camp

Local Cub Scouts braved the heat this weekend, coming out to TIMPA and having a blast taking their turn at flying R/C airplanes.  Eldon Callen, John Gonzalez, Mike Balog, Dave Binns, Steve Steward, and Daniel Kelly manned the buddy boxes and cycled 65 Cub Scouts through the flight line, giving them an opportunity to try their hand at flying a Hangar 9 Alpha 60, a Hobbico NexSTAR and a Sig Sr. Kadet.  Other activities included model rocketry, pneumatic paper rockets, plastic water bottle rockets, Frisbee golf, and the classic Space Derby.  About mid-morning, Fred Thompson thrilled everyone with a demo flight of his giant scale Extra 330. Check out the photos on the TIMPA Facebook page.


Jet Rally

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Large Turnout for Donnie Leseberg Memorial IMAC

In memory of Mark and Kyle Leseberg’s brother, Donnie, a new tradition was started with the Donnie Leseberg Memorial IMAC contest.  Tony Russo from Desert Aircraft organized the program which attracted 30 pilots from all over the Southwest.  All proceeds will be donated to the Donnie Cole Leseberg Fund.

Click here for more info and pics:

Leseberg IMAC

Click here for complete results:

Donnie Leseberg Memorial IMAC Results