Guests are welcome to fly at TIMPA when the gate is open and a Safety Officer is present, usually Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings (weather permitting). You must have a current AMA membership, it will be verified by the Safety Officer. The Guest Fee is $10 per day but this is waived for your first visit. All flying must be in accordance with the TIMPA Field and Safety Rules and the AMA Safety Code.

Yearly Memberships are available for $100 and include a gate card which allows you access to the field. This is reduced to $50 on July 1. First time members need to pay a $50 Initiation Fee.* To become a member, you must come out to the field and fill out the necessary paperwork, and provide a current AMA membership.

Gate Card$10.00TIMPA Gate Card is refundable if returned
MembershipAdult Gate Card
$50.00One time Initiation Fee/New Runway Assessment Fee*
$100.00Membership purchased between December 1 and June 30
$50.00Membership purchased between July 1 and Nov. 1
$5.00TIMPA additional Family Membership Card
FreeTIMPA Youth Membership (under age 19 by July 1)
(*Only one Initiation Fee/New Runway Assessment Fee per family.
Youth members will not need to pay Initiation Fee/New Runway
Assessment Fee.
 Guest Fee$10.00/visitPrice for new and returning guests without a membership

NOTE: TIMPA yearly cards expire on December 31 of every year. If the AMA membership web page does not show that you have renewed your AMA , your TIMPA Gate Card will be disabled. In addition, a Membership Renewal Form must be received by January 31 of the new year or your Gate Card will be permanently disabled – you will then have to purchase a new gate card starting February 1 to continue flying at TIMPA. The attached TIMPA Membership form is for renewals only, to become a new member you need to come out to the field.

Contact: [email protected]